When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly
I’ll do that When Pigs Fly! – End of argument.
Well now Pigs Do Fly! Yes you heard me right there’s a site dedicated to when this miraculous event happens. After visiting it you will probably think twice before throwing out that derisive salute to the fact that the recipient isn’t going to get what they want. This site opens up with “Who Let The Pigs Out” pictures of pink pig balloons and a brief history of why this site was created.
How many times have you heard the phrase “When Pigs Fly”? For me way too many for it was my dad’s favorite expression. How many times did I ask for something as a kid only to have my dad say “Only When Pigs Fly”!
Well guess what?Your Ship or Pig Has Come In!
That’s right folks The Time is here! Pigs really do fly. Go ask for what you want and you will receive it!
What is it all about?Hot-Air Balloons shaped like your favorite bacon product. Special shaped Hot-Air balloons come in many different shapes sizes & colors. Ours just happens to be a pink pig standing over 100′ tall 60′ wide and 80′ long. Yes it’s pink a pig and huge! When these pigs fly everybody knows about it.
Pig PunsThere’s bad pig jokes like “that’s a lot of Ham to heat up!” covering how a hot-air balloon works. Quite simply it utilizes the principle that hot air rises and cool are falls. Add that to a hot-air balloon shaped like a pig and nicknamed Ham-Let they say that all you need to do is to get Ham-Let to the right cooking temperature and he will lift off the ground and float through the sky.
And Even More Pig Puns

What rolls in the mud and delivers pretty baskets? The Easter Piggy.
What do you call a Laundromat for pigs? Hogwash
Why did the three little pigs fall asleep every time Grandpa told stories? Because he was a boar.

They go on and on and on but I could not. You get the idea though. These pig puns are well piggish. I’m sure somebody probably a pig would find these funny.
They also have a Pig Store complete with Yield For Pigs signs for your car – yes watch for flying pigs tee-shirts embroidered items and more which are actually quite cute. If you collect pigs just like the truly strange or want to get past that famous brush off “When Pigs Fly” this Internet stop can help you.
This site is cute not extravagant just cute. It looks like it was set-up by folks more into hot-air ballooning than website design. Its lack of slickness though makes it a silly and fun site to stop by. The idea is novel and you can really say that at When Pigs Fly the ham is truly airborne.


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