How to Use Sexual Innuendos to Instantly Build Attraction

How to Use Sexual Innuendos to Instantly Build Attraction
When guys first meet a woman they tend to discuss “safe topics”. These conversational questions involve asking where she works where she’s from and what she likes to do.
While these questions are great for a job interview they do nothing to build attraction and rapport.
In fact safe topics tend to bore women to tears!
The problem is guys ask these questions because they feel certain topics like sex are taboo during an initial conversation. Their concern is to not offend a woman or come across as a pervert. So they take the safe road and only discuss things which are guaranteed to not offend.
The problem is these topics don’t do anything to build attraction.
Now if you want a woman to become interested in you “attraction building” topics must be introduced into the conversation.
That’s why sexual innuendos are a great topic to be brought into every discussion!
A little known secret is women think about sex as much as guys do! Perhaps even more…
If you introduce the topic of sex into a conversation and flirt with a woman you’ll find it easier to build up attraction between the two of you.
The key to doing this is to bring up the sex topic in the form of innuendos and stories. What I like to do is start talking about a funny sexual-related story that happened to “one of my friends”. I make sure that’s both funny and interested. After that I ask about any funny stories she has about her friends.
Since I’ve brought up the topic in a way that’s not lewd I am able to create sexual tension without being sleazy.
You can do the same!
So the next time you’re talking to a woman mention funny sexual stories and start using a few innuendos.
I guarantee you’ll like the results!


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